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The MOHE platform enables quick disease testing in remote areas, refugee camps, and disaster zones, aiding swift diagnosis and treatment. It helps bridge healthcare gaps, empowering underserved communities to manage health proactively and combat outbreaks.

The MOHE platform digitally instantiates test data for healthcare providers, granting immediate access to patient information and enabling swift treatment decisions. This reduces administrative tasks, allowing professionals to prioritize patient care and enhance overall efficiency. Real-time data integration fosters collaboration among healthcare teams and facilitates telediagnostics and telemedicine, leading to better patient outcomes.

Deploying the MOHE platform at airports and immigration points boosts public health surveillance, swiftly identifying and isolating potential cases to halt cross-border disease spread. This proactive measure bolsters global health security, while also reassuring travelers about the safety measures in place during international journeys.

For People Who Care


All test results are instantly digitalized and sent to the
MOHE app as well as the MOHE Datalab. The Datalab
is the encrypted cloud-based health databank of tests
conducted by all your users.

On-site testing with MOHE at hotels offers guests reassurance and safety, minimizing the risk of contagious diseases and fostering confidence in their stay. This proactive measure prioritizes guest well-being and underscores the hotel's commitment to maintaining a secure and hygienic environment throughout their experience.

Traffic police and employers can utilize the MOHE platform to conduct efficient and reliable drug tests, ensuring road safety and workplace integrity through seamless and standardized screening procedures.

Emergency responders can swiftly assess and prioritize medical needs with on-site screening using MOHE during crises. This enables efficient triage and resource allocation, potentially saving lives. The technology streamlines response processes, facilitating rapid decision-making and enhancing overall emergency medical effectiveness.

Healthcare Connected


MOHE offers a comprehensive eHealth platform for swift point-of-care diagnostics.

Utilizing the proven LFIA technology, our mTest cassette can conduct up to 12 tests simultaneously, covering hundreds of diseases, drugs, and conditions. Explore our symptom-led mTest solutions like mTest Pandemic, mTest Cardiac, and mTest Tropical Fever.

Human error in evaluating the results is eliminated by MOHE’s handheld, wireless Reader. Test results of each mTest are instantly digitalized with a time and GPS stamp and made available in MOHE’s App and Datalab.

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Data Management


Controlling, containing, and monitoring the real-time spread of pandemics represents a crucial challenge of our time. In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to anticipate, manage, and respond to epidemics is essential for global public health.

In this context, effective strategies for control, containment, and surveillance play a fundamental role in protecting populations against emerging infectious diseases. Join us as we explore innovative methods and cutting-edge technologies that address this major challenge for the health and safety of all.

Command & Control

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Even when traveling to remote areas devoid of healthcare facilities, MOHE’s diagnostics guide you.

When you find yourself in a remote area devoid of medical facilities, MOHE testing becomes instrumental in guiding your next steps.